51 E Spring Valley Rd (located inside club 51)

Tired of the same old workout?  Our classes are different and designed to bring fun back to your workout.

Class Descriptions

Cardio Kickboxing with Erica- Fast paced cardio kickboxing class combined with boxing style cardio drills.  Calorie scorcher!  Intermediate-Advanced

Turbo Tabatas with Erica T/TH/ Evening and Sat am, with Julie on T am -High Intensity Interval Training! Excellent for toning and increasing conditioning. 20 second on/ 10 second rest for 8 sets format. Non-stop action!  You are able to work at your own pace so all fitness levels welcome. (men & women welcome)

Turbo Total Body with Jeni:  A total body strength training workout that builds lean muscle, elevates metabolism and burns calories like crazy!  We challenge your body through resistance training, plyometrics, and exercises to increase cardiovascular endurance, all while having fun!  All fitness levels welcome.

Turbo Cardio Core with Jeni:  A high energy workout that integrates core and balance exercises with cardio drills, circuit training and High Intensity Interval Training.  Come and get your heart rate up and improve your core strength!  All fitness levels welcome.  

Boot Camp in the Park with Erica: This class meets at Stubbs Park on Spring Valley just West of the gym in the amphitheater.   We will combine traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval and strength training.  Intermediate to advanced.  Please bring your own mat or towel.

Turbo Circuit-  You will get a full body workout as you move from station to station doing cardio and strength moves.  Work at your own pace.  This class is well suited for all fitness levels.

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